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Judith Winfrey


Judith Winfrey founded PeachDish, an Atlanta-based meal kit company, in 2014. She is the co-founder of Community Farmers Markets and Wholesome Wave Georgia, which increases access to affordable local food. Winfrey also serves on the board of the Atlanta chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier International, a philanthropic organization of women in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Before PeachDish, she served as chief operating officer for Resurgens Hospitality Group. Since 2008, Winfrey and her husband Joe Reynolds have co-owned Love is Love Farm, a certified organic farm.

The Mistake:

The mistake is not listening to my intuition.

Every CEO has to make decisions all day long, and there are times when decision fatigue is a real thing. You’re tired and you just have limited capacity to make more decisions. That tends to be when I fail to listen to my intuition. It’s usually times where logic would push me in one direction and my intuition is pushing me in another direction.

For me, this mistake usually happens around hiring people. One of things I have trouble with is I really like people and I really want to champion people, so sometimes I’ll consider hiring someone that is probably not the right person for the position but I really like them. I’ve done that a few times. But then it doesn’t work out. It’s worse for me, it’s worse for the business and it’s worse for that person because I tried to put a square peg in a round hole.

That’s where if I don’t listen to my intuition, I come to regret the decisions I make. But when I have listened to my intuition and hired a person who may not have been the best on paper, they turned out to be great.

If you don’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

The Lesson:

Part of what we have to do to listen to our intuition is to make space around a decision. We need to allow ourselves a little time. When I make decisions, if I can just give a little time and space for myself, I can usually resolve that dissonance between my logic and intuition.

One way that I make space is a quick meditation for three to five minutes. If you’re feeling out of alignment or feeling stressed, a quick meditation can fix a lot of things and can really help you get clarity when making a decision. Taking a walk is a great way to give some time and space to something. And if I can sleep on it and make a decision the next morning, I’ll usually feel very certain.

When we don’t listen to our intuition, it’s really about not trusting ourselves. And I think that’s the underlying issue. If you don’t listen to your intuition, you don’t trust yourself, and if you don’t trust yourself, who can you trust? We really should trust ourselves the most. That’s what making space is about. It’s about making time to develop more of a relationship with yourself.


PeachDish is on Twitter @PeachDishATL.

Photo courtesy of PeachDish.


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