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Gold's Gym sets its own resolution for 2018: More growth

Workouts have changed since Gold’s Gym opened its first location in California in 1965 and the company’s newest prototypes reflect that.

Yes, some gym members just want to lift weights or run on the treadmill on their own, but Gold’s Gym’s newest prototype locations also have a heavy emphasis on classes and the social aspect of working out. The new Richardson location that opened last year features a Cardio Cinema with a full wall projection screen, a swimming pool and an app where members can sign up for classes with a swipe.

The Dallas-based gym plans to open 50 to 60 new locations worldwide that will follow that new prototype design, said Craig Sherwood, senior vice president of franchise and licensing for Gold’s Gym. The company started in Venice, California but moved to Dallas in 2004 when it was acquired by TRT Holdings.

“We find that the people who are working out in these types of classes enjoy their workout more, hold each other accountable and see results,” Sherwood said. “We’re really focused on giving people that bootcamp experience. All our gyms are focused on finding that starting point and helping people along their journey.”

Hotspots where Gold’s Gym wants to expand in 2018 include Glendale and San Bernardino in California, the Austin and San Antonio areas of Texas and Washington D.C.

The Richardson prototype opened on Campbell Road and U.S. 75 near other new shopping destinations.

In recent years, Richardson has had an influx of new businesses that recruit younger workers, including State Farm’s massive regional campus just a few miles north of the Gold’s Gym, said John Jacobs, executive vice president for the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.

“When you have that kind of demographic, it’s really important to have gyms and fitness facilities,” he said. “It’s a very welcome addition to Richardson.” 

“We find from a scale standpoint, it makes sense to continue to grow there,” Sherwood said. “We’ve got the real estate team looking at multiple locations,” Sherwood said. “In the next 24 months you may see some additional locations.”

Internationally, the gym wants to expand to countries like India, Japan and Saudi Arabia. All the international locations are franchises while the U.S. locations area mix of franchises and company owned locations, Sherwood said.

“You start with the name. Gold’s Gym is an iconic brand and it’s recognized all over the world,” Sherwood said. “Who would know that there was an appreciation for Gold’s Gym in Mongolia but there is. The programming is all about health. That translates in any culture.”

That’s not to say that all Gold’s Gym locations are the same around the world--they adapt to the cultural norms of each country.

The gym is also debuting Gold 3D, which uses special 3D technology to get body mass index and other data. The technology was developed by Styku, a Los Angeles-based startup.

January 9, 2018 - 11:41am